Moving to another country often is a great and exciting opportunity, but it can also be challenging and stressful. We do everything we can to make it smooth for everyone who wants to work in our headquarters in Poland. Sounds interesting? Learn more about it!

Global Relocation program gives specialists from all across the globe the opportunity to live and work in a different country, broaden their experience, learn new skills and languages. Its core is full relocation assistance, supplemented by practical benefits such as flight tickets and accommodation for the initial period in Poland.

Formal requirements? We’ve got them covered for you!

Our lawyers deal with all the necessary documentation, help you with your work permit and advise on how to apply for the visa. We guide our new hires throughout the entire process. The whole team is determined to help our newcomers settle down and sort all the initial formalities once they arrive in Poland. The administration and HR departments do their best to make sure that the new employee has nothing to worry about.

Family comes first. 

If you have close family members that are also willing to relocate, we will do everything to keep you all together and well. Our relocation program involves assistance for the candidates’ closest relatives, namely the partner and children. We really care about the well-being of our employees, and the ability to stay close to their loved ones is absolutely one of the top priorities.


To give you a truly practical perspective on the process, we have interviewed one of our first employees that joined our team through this Relocation Program.


Why did you decide to take up a job with relocation? What motivated you? Why Poland and why TT PSC?

Ankit Pandya: Relocating to Poland amid the global Covid crisis was definitely one of the most challenging decisions I’ve ever made. Now, almost a year down the line, I am glad I did. For me, some of the major motivating factors to join TT PSC were work culture, quality, and people. While working with PTC in the past, I already had a fair idea of the company, so there was no second thought in my mind when I had a chance to join the company. Poland is an emerging market when it comes to high-end technology and niche capabilities like IoT, AI, ML, etc. This makes it a great fit from a growth-oriented angle. At the same time, it is just a beautiful, peaceful country with a vibrant culture which really appealed to me. Also, with most of the people knowing and speaking English here, it was relatively easy for a non-native person like me to adapt compared to other countries in Europe.


Did the TT PSC’s relocation program help you make the decision? Was it something that influenced the big move from India to Poland?

AP: Yes, of course, it was one of the significant factors. I have got support and assistance every step of the way. Be it help with securing Permit and Visa or travel arrangements and assistance with the initial stay, onboarding, etc. It really made my transition into the country and the company a hassle-free job. The initial onboarding was really smooth despite my quarantine. Kudos to the team! Also, there were many more challenges to face, typical when moving to a new place. The help I got from the team was crucial in facing such challenges and made my settling in really easy. I especially appreciate the assistance with finding a new place to live and the relocation process of my wife at a later stage.


How do you assess the process and support you received? Did you come across any particular obstacles or issues? 

AP: Most of the points are already covered in my answer above, but overall – the cooperation with TT PSC was really helpful in making me settle in comfortably. The team here is ready to help you with any unforeseen challenges you come up with. Be it assistance with daily stuff while in the quarantine period, be it assisting you with finding apartments, any visa/travel related processes, you will not feel alone.


How do you see the relocation now, from a time perspective? Are you happy with your new place to live? Do you enjoy living in Poland?

AP: When I think about moving to Poland now, I am happy I made that choice. It was a huge change, but being here, exploring the country and its culture up close, I feel it was worth it. It is a really wonderful place to be in. Now, both me and my wife are well settled here and living in Warsaw. We have made many friends here and are trying to make the best of the time. Hoping to travel and experience the country more in the coming times.


Do you have any advice for those who consider relocation to join TT PSC?

AP: I understand that relocation is a difficult and big step in life. And there are thousands of questions that keep popping up during this phase. I would highly suggest seeking advice and assistance. ASK Questions!! That is the only way to have clarity in your thoughts and decisions. The answers will only make you more confident and comfortable with this relocation process. TT PSC team is here to help. Furthermore, many people in the company have already been through similar situations in the past. I’m sure they will be happy to guide you throughout your journey.


If you want to know more about our relocation program, please visit this website. 


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