TT PSC Employee Advocacy is a program running in our organization since 2023. During this time, the group of 15 ambassadors has not only been active on social media and represented TT PSC at events but also developed their practical skills through training and internal meetings.

The idea for the initiative came up in 2022. A lot was going on, and our employees attended many industry conferences, job fairs, and sporting events. They shared knowledge and inspired others both inside and outside the organization. Seeing this, we wanted their involvement to be more visible to the broader audience in order to promote both the TT PSC brand and their personal brands. Through the internal recruitment, we selected the first group of Ambassadors, who have been sharing their successes, experiences, and stories related to their work at TT PSC for over a year now. This way, they reinforce a positive image of the company while strengthening ties with the expert community and potential candidates.

Growing together

Alongside supporting Employer Branding activities, this is also an opportunity to strengthen the personal brand. Our Ambassadors began their adventure in the program with LinkedIn training. They learned what their profile should look like, what to pay attention to when creating posts, and how they can support each other to increase visibility and reach the largest possible audience. During the next event, they discovered the potential of AI tools and learned how to use them in practice to make content creation and planning easier. After the training, we also planned some time for integration – a meeting in the Escape Room, which definitely stimulated the group’s creativity and provided a solid dose of excitement, and dinner, during which the team was able to get to know each other better.


The next stage of the program

In May, it was time to evaluate the results and invite more TT PSC representatives, and the number of applications exceeded our wildest expectations! We greatly appreciate all the activity and willingness to engage in the initiative. However, for the program to function smoothly, it was necessary to limit the number of participants. As a result of internal recruitment and many hours of discussions with candidates, we selected a group of the best.

We are happy to introduce the seven new ambassadors who have joined the program:

  1. Anna Kaldonek – Software Architect,
  2. Aleksandra Sujczynska – Operations Specialist,
  3. Damian Malinowski – Junior IoT Specialist,
  4. Ankit Pandya – Principal IoT Specialist,
  5. Kelvin Okoro – Junior Software Developer,
  6. Jacek Gralak – Portfolio Manager,
  7. Jakub Kaczynski – Portfolio Director,

Now we have 18 great participants in the Employee Advocacy Program! 😊

Congratulations to all of you! We are happy to have you and can’t wait to start working together on some great things. We also encourage everyone to follow the social media of our ambassadors – it’s definitely worth it!



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