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If so, you've come to the right place, at TT PSC we really live by this sentence! We also know that happy people are the best employees who actually drive project development. Here you will learn more about us and how we work.

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Web3 – revolutionizing modern internet?
What is Web3 and why it means revolution for the modern internet? Read about the most essential information presented by Michał Maciejewski Software…
Start your journey in Poland! Introducing TT PSC’s Global Relocation Program.
Moving to another country is an exciting prospect, but also quite a challenge. At TT PSC, we have created a relocation program that significantly facilitates this process.
Green revolution & the IT industry
The climate crisis forces everyone to take action and introduce changes in every aspect of our lives. This also applies to companies.
Test Manager – female perspective on IT and P1 project
An interview with Marta Janiszewska, Test Manager in the P1 (Healthcare Digitization) project. A female perspective on work in IT Industry.
E-health – That’s one small step for the developer, one giant leap for healthcare digitization.
The specifics of working on a P1 project for the Ministry of Health - interview with Marek Jakubowski.
Women in Power- direction for development
Women in IT and WiP. Read about our internal initiative promoting the idea of diversity. We inspire the change and give real power!
100% remote work – digital revolution accelerated
At TTPSC, we know that physical presence in the office has no real impact on the efficiency or quality of our work. The remote cooperation model has been a popular solution for a long time.
Morning coffee online – TTPSC Atlassian team working remotely
Many people wrote about remote work since it became a necessity. Thanks to IT solutions, our company had no problem with the transition to the new reality. However, this does not mean that we do not face any challenges, and we do not feel a growing desire to return to the office.
Cybersecurity and the recruitment process
Cybersecurity is an important subject, especially nowadays, when some say that information is worth more than gold. Despite growing awareness, many of us, at least once in our lives, came across a phishing attempt on social media or received a suspicious e-mail.
Summer Internship at TTPSC: My Experience and Lessons Learned
Michał Mamona stayed with us for good after his internship. Now he shares some thoughts on how it was to make the first steps on a path IT career. Read his history and check out what advice he has for this year’s candidates.

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