_Relocation support for foreigners

If you would like to join our team in Poland, we are happy to help! A new job in another country may be a huge change in your life. To make it easier, we’ve created a simple process and relocation package tailored to your needs.

_Joining our team from abroad looks like this:

Recruitment and signing the contract
To make everything quick and easy, we’ll go through the whole recruitment process remotely.
Formal aspects
After signing the contract, we’ll help you with all the necessary paperwork like getting your work permit or visa if needed, and provide you with an accommodation for your first weeks in Poland.
Before your arrival
We will organize your trip- the flight from your country to the destination city & taxi from the airport to your temporary accommodation.
Orientation period
We offer complex assistance during your first weeks in Poland- showing around the city, helping with finding a permanent apartment, supporting you in setting up a bank account, or other administrative tasks.
Smooth start
On your first day, we will welcome you to our office and show you around. You will also complete our onboarding program to learn everything you need about being part of the TT PSC Team 💜

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