Michał Mamona stayed with us for good after his internship. Now he shares some thoughts on how it was to make the first steps on a path IT career. Read his history and check out what advice he has for this year’s candidates.


How did you find out about summer internships at TT PSC?

The university required us to do an internship, so my friends and I went to the last year’s Absolvent Talent Days job fair. We wanted to talk with employees from various IT companies at the stands, and possibly submit a few CVs. I’ve noticed Transition Technologies PSC’s booth when we were about to leave. What interested me was the leaflet with an offer of internships in the department working with virtual reality and augmented reality. I have already known those technologies to some extent. After a pleasant conversation and submitting my CV, I got invited to the interview that happened about a month later.

Was this your first practical work experience?

Exactly. That’s why I felt unsure if I could handle the challenge.

How do you remember the recruitment process and the internship itself?

The recruitment process, namely the interview, went well. It was my first professional experience, so I was quite stressed before. However, during the conversation, stress quickly disappeared. In the beginning, I talked about previous projects that I’ve participated in. Then I had to prove my technical knowledge of C ++, C #, and Unity 3D.

What experience did you gain during the internship?

During my internship, I worked in the AR & VR applications department. The tasks themselves were very interesting. For example, I have never before dealt with programming an application directed at a specialized device, which is controlled by voice commands. I’ve also had a chance to test the client-server application stability in conditions simulating its intended use.

Thanks to this internship, I was able to increase my skills and knowledge both in programming and teamwork.

How do you see your career in the future? In what direction would you like to develop now?

During my studies at Technical University, I chose to specialize in Games and Computer Simulations Technologies. Interactive applications and those that connect the real world with the virtual world allow me to develop knowledge and skills following my interests. I think AR and VR technologies are perfect for career development. They are continuously gaining importance and popularity, not only in the world of virtual entertainment.

Do you have any advice for future interns? What is worth paying attention to?

I recommend looking for internships related to your interests so that the time spent at work passes quickly and pleasantly 😀 It is good to describe interesting projects in your CV and possibly provide a link to GitHub. During the interview, it is worth asking questions to have a complete set of information. For the recruiter, it is also a sign that you are actually interested in the position. Also, remember to smile 😊

I strongly recommend this type of internship as the first step towards a professional career. The application should be thought out because the right choice can lead to an interesting job in the future. Current offers are available here and the recruitment process is done fully remotely.


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