On October 4th and 5th, 2023, Warsaw hosted the latest edition of the conference organized by the SoDA Association: SoDA Conference 2023.

Representatives from TT PSC – Marcin Wilczura, Grzegorz Stawicki, and Tomasz Rudnicki – had the opportunity to participate in this inspiring event. What’s more, they received awards for the company in the SoDA Awards competition.

But before delving into the details of TT PSC’s recognition and a rundown of the conference itself, let’s take a moment to explore the SoDA association and its ties to TT PSC.

SoDA, or the Software Development Association Poland, is an alliance of Polish technological firms founded in 2018. Now, it brings together 210 companies with Polish and foreign capital, operating throughout the country and employing over 55,000 individuals. Through research, analysis, and the organization of training sessions, webinars, and networking events, the Association fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange among its members. It also promotes Poland as a leading global market for software development and IT services.

TT PSC has been an active member since 2018. What specific benefits arise from this membership? One of the primary advantages is access to the Slack platform, which acts as a marketplace for project announcements and expert availability to build teams. Additionally, we engage in local SoDA networking meetings, C-level events, conferences, and webinars. Recently, we have actively utilized our membership to promote the Women in Power initiative. These benefits translate into developing relationships with other Software House (SH) companies, sharing knowledge and experiences, and receiving support in team-building processes.

As mentioned, our membership gives us the opportunity to participate in engaging industry events, including the annual conferences organized.

This year, SoDA Conference 2023 saw over five hundred representatives from the native technological sector convening in Warsaw. They had the chance to tap into the knowledge of thirty-five expert speakers from Poland and abroad. The theme for this year’s edition was: “Shaping the Future: Polish IT in the Era of Change.”

Participants discussed the current industry landscape, forecasts for the coming years, and shared practices related to international expansion.

An especially crucial topic at the conference was artificial intelligence, discussing legal aspects, its impact on the IT job market, and inspiring implementations. The event also unveiled the first report by the SoDA AI Research Group titled “AI and Generative AI in the Public Sector,” presenting specific examples of AI solutions implemented in public administration.

The conference culminated in a grand Gala and the presentation of SoDA Awards to industry leaders in categories such as exports, innovations, social usefulness, and support in programmer education.

It is precisely due to the last item on the agenda that this edition was so exceptional for Transition Technologies PSC. Our representatives – Marcin and Grzegorz – received the awards on behalf of TTPSC in two significant categories:

  • Employer Branding – our Women in Power community was once again recognized. 
  • New business – revenue growth dynamics – in the segment of companies with revenue above 40 million.

Incredible people who drive Polish software and service companies. It’s a unique space where we can exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from others, gaining a different perspective. 

– Grzegorz Stawicki, Senior Sales Enablement Director



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