Hello there, we’re glad you opened this article because it means you’re looking for a friendly, developmental work environment. You’re in the right place 😊 From this article, you’ll learn about the recruitment process at Transition Technologies PSC. By reading this short guide, you will gain knowledge about the interview process, you will be able to prepare, and consequently, feel more at ease.

Where to find TT PSC job vacancies?

Before we move on to the 3 stages that the recruitment process in our company consists of, we would like to remind you that you can find job offers at TT PSC on the website https://kariera.ttpsc.com/en/ – apply for the position that aligns with your interests. You can also write to our recruiters – we will answer any questions. If you don’t currently see a role that matches your skills, you can apply to our general recruitment: https://system.erecruiter.pl/FormTemplates/RecruitmentForm.aspx?WebID=56ed87f515be46719f0e9261775aae9e

What should be included in a CV?

Prepare your CV before you respond to an advertisement that interests you. What should a CV for an IT job applicant look like?  Learn some tips:

  1. Make sure your CV includes programming languages, software, tools and aligned with your knowledge and experience. If you have certifications, do mention them.
  2. List not only your past professional responsibilities, but also your accomplishments. These could be, for example, streamlining programming processes, devising effective plans to identify and address security vulnerabilities, or successfully implementing automation. Including relevant statistics or indicators would be highly valued.
  3. When listing your work experience, focus on the roles and responsibilities that directly relate to the position you’re applying for.
  4. We do not attach importance to the volume of your CV. It is up to you to decide how much information you want to give us. However, remember to include up-to-date information such as your current employer, contact details and a GDPR clause.

If you want to show off your hobby – go ahead! We value people with unique interests.

Once your CV passes verification, we move on to the main part of the recruitment process:

1.   Stage: Telephone contact

Let’s delve into the specifics! The Talent Acquisition team will contact you to arrange a convenient date for the interview. The interview typically spans about 20 minutes and is conducted in both Polish and English. We then verify the information in your CV, discuss your experience, familiarity with various technologies, applications, and tools.

2.   Stage: Technical meeting

We make an initial appointment for this part of the recruitment process already during the phone call, you receive an email confirmation of the date and additional information: who will take part in the meeting, the interview plan (agenda), tips on how to prepare e.g. an IDE environment or a live coding programme, and a link to Microsoft Teams, through which we conduct the interviews.

The technical meeting generally lasts around 1.5 hours. Our specialists will verify your theoretical and practical knowledge.

Be sure to accept the meeting invitation and save it on your calendar. Also make sure beforehand that you have no connection problems and the link will work on the day of the call.

If you are in doubt about whether there is anything else you need to prepare on your part – contact your recruiter 😊.

Optional stages:

Following the second stage, we usually proceed to the final one, which is feedback (as described later in the text). However, there are situations in which we introduce additional elements/stages to the recruitment process – this depends, among other things, on the position applied for. Our job listings aren’t limited to purely technical roles; we also recruit, among others, Project Managers, sales and marketing specialists, administrative experts, and professionals from various other domains. Some participants also go through:

  1. Competency test: an online test that takes approximately 15 minutes. This stage is dedicated to those applying for internships. Experienced specialists who want to join the IoT, Java and SQL teams also take the competency test. The results of the test determine the subsequent recruitment process.
  2. Project meeting: may vary depending on the vacancy. We organise a project meeting to allow the participant to get to know the planned project and the team better – and for the team to get to know the candidate.

3.   Stage: Feedback

We try to get back to candidates as soon as possible with detailed feedback. In the feedback, we highlight strengths and indicate areas for improvement; we also state the employment decision, which may be:

  • Co-operation proposal – a final meeting with managers, lasting 30-45 minutes. During this meeting, we present the collaboration offer, discuss benefits, delve into project details, and explore potential development paths within our company.
  • A rejection decision – you didn’t make it, but don’t be disheartened! We may be able to better match your qualifications to our needs in the future.

Remember, at every stage you can ask us questions – and you should because it shows us your commitment and makes it easier for us to identify areas for improvement on our part.  We always appreciate openness, honesty and inquisitiveness.

We want you to feel comfortable throughout the recruitment process. We look forward to hearing from you and to hearing from you!


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