Transition Technologies PSC has joined the ranks of companies supporting the “Mamo Pracuj w IT” foundation, which for years has aimed to support working parents and those returning to the labor market after a long break.

“Mamo Pracuj w IT” works to improve working conditions for parents and raise awareness of work-life balance. The aim of the organization is to support male and female employees in reconciling their professional responsibilities with their role as a parent by building an informed and supportive working environment through training, conferences, mentoring, and promoting flexible working hours.

The addition of Transition Technologies PSC to support “Mamo Pracuj” in the field of information technology is another contribution to our long-standing goals.

“We are extremely pleased with our partnership with the “Mamo Pracuj” Foundation. Bearing in mind how important flexible working conditions and understanding from employers are from the parent’s perspective, we want to be a model and inspiration for other companies in the IT sector and beyond. With our approach, we show that we can support our employees in their parental responsibilities, while maintaining the highest quality of services provided to clients.” – says Szymon Bartkowiak, President of Transition Technologies PSC

At TT PSC, it has always been important not only to achieve results but also to foster a positive working atmosphere. After all, employee satisfaction has a direct impact on the company’s growth and efficiency.

We take care to balance the personal and professional lives of our employees by allowing flexible working hours, home office, and access to family support programs. We are committed to a healthy working environment where employees can fulfill both their work and parental roles. We organize numerous events to integrate within teams and with entire families, such as Family Day, Santa Claus, Easter gatherings, Christmas Eve, etc. By engaging in cooperation with the “Mamo Pracuj” foundation, we are even more strongly committed to raising awareness of the importance of supporting parents working in the IT sector.


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