Many people wrote about remote work since it became a necessity. Thanks to IT solutions, our company had no problem with the transition to the new reality. However, this does not mean that we do not face any challenges, and we do not feel a growing desire to return to the office. Some people from the TTPSC Atlassian team found their way. They coped with the lack of daily habits by introducing a new ritual. In response to the need to stay in touch with colleagues, the idea of weekly online “morning coffee” was born.


Weekly online meetings

The idea of a weekly call, just to have a coffee and chat, is the aftermath of our office tradition. Until now, we had a habit of going to the kitchen in the office for our morning coffee. We got used to this ritual because it integrated the team really well. Soon after transitioning to the home-office model of working, we started to miss it. The solution was a weekly, half-hour conversation with no thematic framework or agenda. It is a typical friendly meeting, thanks to which we start the day in a relaxed, good atmosphere.

– Jarosław Ludwisiak, Business Analyst at Transition Technologies PSC.

Team ritual

Online meetings called “morning coffee” are held on Fridays at 9:00 am. They allow us to relax before the working day to come. Later, our calendars are usually filled with clients’ calls or internal meetings regarding ongoing projects. I like this little ritual a lot because, despite the online formula, they introduce a friendly, almost homey atmosphere (especially due to our surroundings).

– Magdalena Kwaczyńska, Business Analyst at Transition Technologies PSC.

Unusual integration

Morning coffee is the only moment when a child running into the room,  a snoring dog, or other sounds of the household do not embarrass us at all. On the contrary, they add a nice natural background to the whole conversation. I miss f2f meetings, but I’m glad that we can keep some of our office habits, at least online. This integrates us strongly not only as co-workers but also as friends outside of work.

– Katarzyna Głąb, Business Analyst at Transition Technologies PSC

How does it work in practice?

  • we integrate not only when business matters are discussed
  • we found a way to reflect the normality of office conditions
  • such conversations have a relaxing effect on us. We can talk for half an hour about what is going on in our lives, not only about the projects – it keeps us positive

Half an hour, once a week – that’s our recipe for staying in good relations with your team 😊

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